Oil and Fuel Filters Testing Equipment

PY-1 Oil Filter Burst Strength Tester
Product details

I. General Description

It is suitable for testing and inspecting the pressure resistance of the oil filter assembly.

II. Specifications

1.Max test pressure: 2.5MPa

2.Pressure precision: one grade;

3.Power supply: 220V/50Hz

4.Motor power: 250W

5.Machine weight: 250Kg

6.Machine size: 900mm*750mm*1230mm (L*W*H)

III. Features

1.The manual pump of the test stand will pressurize the filters until the filters burst and the pressure gauge immediately displays the pressure.

2.The pressure to be displayed won¡¯t be disappeared on the gauge until the reset is done manually;

3.Reasonable design, simple operation and exquisite shape