ECO Filter Production Line

This machine is used to produce the ECO filter element.

SEGJ-420 Full-auto Rotary ECO Pleating Production Line
Product details

I. General Description:

This machine is used to produce the ECO filter element.

II. Machine Components:

1.Auto De-coiler;


3.Water steam device;

4.Auto counter;

5.Six set of rollers;

6.Pre and post heating device;

7.Pleating and collecting system;


III. Specifications:

1.Pleating speed: 0-30m/min;

2.Max pleating width: 420mm

3.Min pleating width: 30mm

4.Max pleating height: 50mm

5.Min pleating height: 12mm

6.The pleating rollers size is customized;

7.Temperature control: normal temperature to 300 degree;

8.Heating power: 14Kw

9.Total power: 16Kw

10.Air pressure: 0.6MPa

11.Power supply: 380V/50Hz

12.Machine weight: 1000kg

13.Machine size: 6000mm*900mm*1200mm (L*W*H)

IV. Features:

1.The round air pre-slitting knives can be easily adjusted and pressure is well balanced;

2.It adopts the water steam device, which is advantageous to prevent the paper from breaking when its mark by rollers;

3.Six sets of the rollers are equipped in one circle turning machine, which is easy to change the roller for different pleating heights;

4.The roller is made to give the embossment on the paper when marking for making ECO filter. And to keep a certain distance between each two pleats, and even consistent.

5.This automatic production line has the working process of auto count marking, pleating, pre-heat forming;

6.This machine has the stainless steel conveyer device, so the filter paper is pleated much more evenly and smoothly;

7.This production line is controlled by PLC and simple to operate.