PU Air Filter Production Line

PU-20F Full-auto PU Dispensing Machine for Air Filter
Product details

I. General Description:

This machine is mainly used to pour PU material for the automobile air filters or industrial filters.

II. Machine components

1.Tank: three-layer stainless steel tank with stirring and automatic constant temperature preservation function;

2.Pump: slow speed, high precision flow control imported pump with precise transmission and display devices;

3.Mixing head;

4.Worktable: the round, rectangle and special shape can be poured;

5.Control: temperature, pressure and pouring quantity is automatically controlled and digitally displayed;

III. Specifications:

1.Total output: 5-15g/s mixing ratio: A=B 100=25-35

2.Nozzle travel after pouring: 450mm

3.Max size for rectangle: 400*300mm (L*W)

4.Max size for round: dia 350mm

5.Travel speed: 2-10m/min

6.Total power of the machine: 8Kw

7.Power supply: 380V/50Hz

8.Machine weight: 1000kg 9.Machine size: 1500mm*2000mm*2100mm (L*W*H)

IV. Features:

1.Digital display and PLC control;

2.Stable and precise measuring and constant temperature control;

3.The machine has the X-Y worktable, which can be used for panel air filter, round air filter and special shape.