Primary-Medium-High Efficiency Air Filter Producti

It is used for cutting the fabric-bag filter.

SEPB-850 Fabric-bag Filter Auto Cutting Machine
Product details

I. General Description

It is used for cutting the fabric-bag filter.

II. Equipment Components

1.Fabric de-coiler

2.Roll feeding system

3.Moving fabric cutting system

4.Convey working table

5.Electric control cabinet

III. Specifications

1.Production speed: 20-30m/min

2.Max cutting width: 850mm

3.Cutting length: 300-980mm

4.Air pressure: 0.6MPa

5.Power supply: 220V/50Hz

6.Motor power: 0.8Kw

7.Machine weight: 300kg

8.Machine size: 2100mm*1300mm*1100mm (L*W*H)

IV. Features

1.This machine is equipped with automatic electrical control system which can easily regulate the length of cutting easily.

2.The machine is high efficiency and easy to operate;

3.This machine can automatically record the production capability. When it is operated incorrectly, rapidly press the emergency button so as to avoid materials waste;

4.The cutting plane can be kept neat and straight while cutting so it is easy to sew up the interface.