Heavy Duty Air Filter Production Line

This machine is used to pour two-component material into the filter end caps.

SEAB-2 Two-component Dispensing Machine for End Cap
Product details
I. General Description
This machine is used to pour two-component material into the filter end caps.
II. Specifications
1.    Max cap diameter: 450mm
2.    Tank capacity: 60L and 35L
3.    Adjustable dispensing quantity for single shot: 10g-260g
4.    Dispensing speed: 3-15seconds/time
5.    Efficiency: 2-6pcs/min
6.    Mixing ratio: 1:6 (or customized)
7.    Rotation speed of mixing head: 3300RPM
8.    Rotation speed of the turntable: 280RPM
9.    Power of the machine: 4Kw
10. Air supply: 0.6MPa
11. Power supply: 380V/50Hz
12. Machine weight: 450kg
13. Machine size: 1800mm*1200mm*1700mm (L*W*H)
III. Features:
1.    The turning table speed and gluing speed can be adjusted freely according to the filter cap sizes. And the gluing amount is even and accurate;
2.    This machine equips the step motor control system, which can ensure fast dispensing speed and short return time;
3.    The material tank has the function of heat mixing, and the machine has its circulation system, to prevent the material sedimentation;
4.    The pipes have the temperature-limit heating function to ensure the stable dispensing;
5.    The gluing head has the anti-curing alarm functions, self-test alarm functions and maintenance and repair guidance system as well;
6.    The machine has the man-machine interface and controlled by PLC, which is easy to operation.