Oil and Fuel Filters Testing Equipment

ZH-2 Anti-drain Back Value Tester
Product details

I. General Description

It is used to check the anti-drain back ability of the spin-on filters at the situation of installation.

II. Specifications

1.Oil pump flow: 5L/min;

2.Temperature control range: normal to 100 degree

3.Oil tank capacity: 20L

4.Motor power: 0.25Kw

5.Power supply: 380V/50Hz

6.Heating power: 1Kw

7.Machine weight: 300Kg

8.Machine size: 1300mm*715mm*1160mm (L*W*H)

III. Features

 1.Automatically control the calibrated oil level;

2.The worktable and the oil tank are made of stainless steel; the pipelines and the coupler are made of the purple cooper.

3.Test standard: ISO4548