Oil and Fuel Filters Testing Equipment

PT-II By-pass Valve Efficiency Tester
Product details

I. General Description

This tester is used to test the filter bypass valve¡¯s flow properties, pass-through performance, sealing performance, and opening pressure and reset performance.

II. Specifications

1.Test flow: 0-25L/min;

2.Oil pump flow: 40L/min;

3.Temperature control: normal to 100 degree

4.Motor power: 0.75Kw

5.Power supply: 220V/50Hz

6.Machine weight: 300kg

7.Machine size: 1000mm*600mm*1560mm (L*W*H)

III. Features

1.Adopt the high precision flow-meter to test the flow;

2.Adopt the high precision pressure gauge to test the pressure;

3.Test standards: SAE HS806; ISO4548